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Product Features | คุณมคณณข์

Systems with Android Management System installed

15.6-inch Full HD display with tempered glass protection

Digital reception and Android/iOS smartphone mirroring

Control controller that operates independently of the monitor screen (enhanced immunity)

ECB control system applied

You can select a variety of exercise classes through 25 levels of componentized load control.

Built-in advanced intelligence Zeit subsystem

Bam type with strong resistance to body movement

Precision processing, Gangseo steel structure: excellent resistance


    Product information 

    Exercise Class Bell 25 Min
    Load control ECB control and Pna wheel
    Wannamer Frame
    Product size 1594 x 830 x 2090mm.
    Product weight 146 KG
    Maximum allowable load 180 гг
    Color size 275 x 200mm. 
    ATSC Digital Reception Reception
    Phone Love Ring (Android OS, iOS)
    DisplayLee Android, touch screen
    LED Full HD 15.6 New

    6 FND controlled independently of monitor screen

    Calories, heart rate, time, distance, RPM, bell display

    Exercise Program / Goal Exercise
    IHRS (Intelligence's Touch Bottom Telephone System)
    Highly resistant steel frame
    Black persoil coating with enhanced corrosion resistance

    convenience leveling device
    Cup holder, cell phone storage space, book hanger, USB book hanger

    220V, 60Hz
    Free warranty period: 1 year free A/S
    Optional wireless HTR receiver

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