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E7073 - Fusion Pro Series Abdominal Isolator

E7073 - Fusion Pro Series Abdominal Isolator

Fusion Pro Series abdominal splitters are designed in the kneeling position, advanced ergonomic pads not only help users maintain the correct training position, The unique modular motion arm design of the Fusion Pro Series allows exercisers to strengthen their weak areas of training.

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    E7073 - The Fusion Pro Series Abdominal Isolator is designed to be in the kneeling position. It also enhances the exerciser's training experience. The Fusion Pro Series' unique modular arm designhelps exercisers strengthen their weak areas.


    Multi-position shoulder straps
     Encourages exercisers to choose different lengths of training paths. Choose flexibly according to your training needs. without unnecessary adjustments

    Prestigious Design
     The inclined kneeling posture makes abdominal muscle stimulation more effective and exerted more accurately.Optimized design of ergonomic protective pads for each segment enhances the training experience.

    Split Motion Design
     In actual training, training is often interrupted due to loss of strength on one side of the body. This makes training plans more flexible and effective.


    Based on DieHerz Fitness 's mature manufacturing process and manufacturing experience in strength training equipment, the Fusion Pro Series was born in addition to inheriting the all metal design. Fusion Series The series has added aluminum components for the first time. Combined with one piece curved flat oval tube which greatly improves the structure and durability.The modular motion arm design allows users to freely train unilaterally.The upgraded and optimized trajectory achieves advanced biomechanical results. This can therefore be named as the Pro Series in De Herz Fitness .

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