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E7034A - Prestige Pro Series Vertical Row

E7034A - Prestige Pro Series Vertical Row

The Prestige Pro Series Vertical Row features a split-type motion design with adjustable chest pads and a gas-assisted adjustable seat. The 360-degree rotating adaptive handle supports multiple training programs for different users. Users can comfortably and effectively strengthen the muscles of the upper back and lats with the Vertical Row.

  • Features

    360-degree Adaptive Handles
    ● The adaptive handles can adjust to the best holding position according to the training plan of different exercisers by itself.

    Split-type Motion Design
    ● In actual training, it often occurs that the training is terminated due to the loss of strength on one side of the body. This design allows the trainer to strengthen the training for the weak side, making the training plan more flexible and effective.

    Gas-Assisted Seat Adjustment
    ● The four-bar linkage offers instant and stable seat adjustment to help exercisers easily find the best training position.


    As the flagship series of DHZ Fitness strength training equipment, The Prestige Pro Series, advanced biomechanics, and excellent transfer design make the user's training experience unprecedented. In terms of design, the rational use of aluminum alloys perfectly enhances the visual impact and durability, and DHZ's excellent production skills are vividly demonstrated.

ออเดอร์ 90-120 วันทำการ
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