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Allows to perform of a variety of exercises with comfort

Provides wrist arm alignment feedback

Adjustable patented handle for different grips

  • Detail

    Our DB5 may be small, but it packs a punch. The new adjustable handle allows for a tight grip for hands on DB5 which allows you to perform classic dumbbell exercises such as bicep curls and tricep extensions with great comfort.

    Its Tank shape brings a whole new level of instability training to the game. Receive feedback from unilateral exercises in a variety of movement planes while performing exercises like single leg RDL.

    Our patented new handle combines velcro and a cover made of sturdy neoprene handles to unlock new ways to workout with FX equipment. Adjusting the velcro allows you to select how tight or loose you would like the handle to be, while the neoprene cover ensures your comfort throughout every movement.

    A tighter grip is fantastic for exercises such as hammer curl and front raise, whereas a looser grip is excellent for one-arm swings.

    *Disclaimer: Always practice safety first.
Consult with a physician before any workout routine. Be sure to use proper form and take the time to experiment with the water in motion.

    EXCLUDING SALES TAX (Paid by the buyer)

  • In The Box

    • FX DB5 x 1
    • Foot Pump x 1
    • Instructions x 1
  • Free 5-Day Welcome Workout

    New to water workouts? Not sure how to begin?

    Get arm, leg and whole body workouts plus more in our free 5-Day Welcome Workout Series.

    You will receive an email a day after purchasing. With an exclusive 5-Day Welcome Workout Series from our YouTube Channel.

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